Parrish Family Vineyard Introduces Top-Scoring Clone 6 Cabernet Sauvignon

Parrish Family Vineyard Introduces Top-Scoring Clone 6 Cabernet Sauvignon

Paso Robles, CA…The family-owned and operated Parrish Family Vineyard introduces a top-scoring Clone 6 varietal of Cabernet Sauvignon. Recently the 2014 Clone 6 Cabernet Sauvignon earned 94 points from a top wine critic and is a luxurious first clone-specific release adding it to an already impressive line up of Cabernet Sauvignon and Bordeaux-based wines from Parrish Family Vineyard.

Imported to California in the 1870s, Clone 6 – also known as the Jackson Clone – is notoriously noted as one of the most difficult Cabernet varietals to tame. Owner and Winemaker David Parrish planted four different clones of Cabernet Sauvignon including Clone 6 in his Creston Vineyard in 1995. Due to its location and unique terrain, the grapes thrive in the area’s terroir of calcium rich, granite-based soil. Warm daytime temperatures and cooling coastal breezes at night allow the Parrish Family to produce distinctive, elegant full-bodied wines that represent the true character of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Always a big proponent of stewardship, Parrish’s winemaking style reflects his belief that wines are made in the vineyard and gently stewarded to the bottle. The Clone 6 Cabernet Sauvignon joins an impressive collection of award-winning wines that are true to the terroir that created them.

“Clone 6 is a very low yielding grape, producing 2-3 tons per acre due the small berry size and shatter,” says David Parrish. “It’s one of those special grapes that I love and hate. The grape grower in me hates the Clone 6 as yield is light and we often see very few berries per cluster, but the winemaker in me loves it because of the wine it creates. It’s a very distinct wine, dark in color with solid tannins and a strong flavor profile.”

The wine shows enticing aromas of black fruit, clove and violets leading to a silky presence of rich blackberries, blueberries and spice on the palate. Undertones of warm vanilla and decadent chocolate ganache add to the richness of the wine leaving a supple yet lasting impression on the tongue.

“We’re really pleased to add this Cabernet to our family’s portfolio,” says Parrish. “The wine is distinctive and has its own unique personality while capturing the true nature of our vineyard.”

Parrish Family Vineyard produced its first vintage of Cabernet Sauvignon in 2004 after discovering how ideally suited Paso Robles’ terroir is for growing exceptional Cabernet Sauvignon. Parrish then planted an additional 80 acres in the Templeton District and 30 acres in the Adelaida District in 2013 and 2014. Today, the esteemed winemaker and luminary in trellis technology, David Parrish, cares for 150 acres of superior estate vineyards in the Adelaida, Creston and Templeton AVAs of Paso Robles.

Parrish Family Vineyard is a premier producer of Cabernet Sauvignon from the Paso Robles, Adelaida District and is dedicated to crafting sophisticated wine that represents the true varietal characteristics farmed on their coastal-influenced family vineyards in the Paso Robles region, including the Creston and Templeton Districts. Parrish Family Vineyard produces award-winning Cabernet Sauvignon from the superior Adelaida Vineyard inspiring lasting experiences at your table or in their welcoming tasting room. Through their innovative approach as well as sustainable and philanthropic efforts, they work to be a positive force in the local community and then wine world. Follow Parrish Family Vineyard on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or visit

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